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Vault Training Tips and Tricks

Training in Veeva Vault requires a delicate balance between harnessing the platform's multifaceted capabilities and cultivating sound business practices. As Veeva Vault offers an array of features empowering users in document creation, management, and approval, it's crucial to recognize that this versatility can pose challenges for both new and experienced users.

To address these challenges effectively, organizations should take a 360 degree approach to their training processes in order to ensure users are not only well trained, but supported for years to come.  Below are a few tips that ETX recommends you consider when developing your next training initiative.


Often, training materials reside outside of Veeva Vault, making it cumbersome for users to locate essential support information while operating within the system. Leveraging Veeva Vault's Brand Portal feature allows you to establish a unified, user-friendly repository for all training materials. Within the Brand Portal, you can organize training guides and quick reference cards in dedicated widgets, making them easily accessible for users. Additionally, you can create concise instructional videos that guide users step by step through document lifecycles, ensuring a streamlined approval process.


Effective Vault training should strike a balance between teaching system capabilities and reinforcing essential business best practices. For example, it is important to teach users not only how to create reference anchors within the Vault but also to explain best practices for naming these anchors. While the former imparts technical proficiency, the latter empowers users with the foresight to make these anchors easily traceable in the future.  Business stakeholders and training leads should collaborate prior to training delivery to review SOPs, identify key system functionality for demonstration, and analyze attendee lists to ensure that the training not only accounts for system functionality, but also aligns with business objectives.


While training materials and a portal are beneficial, global teams may require additional support navigating a complex system like Vault. That's where ETX Consulting can be invaluable. Our training package includes implementing pop up training videos which are playable at any point in a document's lifecycle, providing specific instructions for next steps. These videos utilize the document's metadata to determine precisely what actions should be taken, offering users quick, customized assistance to ensure the document's smooth progression towards approval.

If you require assistance with building training portals, developing new materials, or are interested in learning more about our training widget, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd be delighted to explore whether our services align with your organization's needs!

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